Building Latin America’s first context-specific resource for victims of online harassment, including dissemination of non-consensual pornography. From reporting to online platforms, to pursuing legal remedies, to opening community dialogue and defending sexual freedoms, Acoso.Online empowers women, LGBTQI people, and their supporters to report, recover, and resist. We work in fourteen countries, with coverage expanding throughout the region.

Acoso.Online is an independent project, without institutional affiliation. However, the regional scale of this project would not be possible without the support of local partners who worked in the legal and judicial contents of each country:


This project is independent and made by volunteers. Our regionalization has been possible with funds provided by Access Now and the help of Fundación Datos Protegidos (Chile) that supported us with its administrative structure.


Paz Peña (Chile)
Co-creator. She works as the project coordinator.

Francisco Vera (Chile)
Co-creator. He works as an ad-honorem advisor.

Verónica Ferrari (Argentina)
She coordinates the legal and judicial contents from the different countries.

Constanza Figueroa (Chile)
Art and design.

Steffania Costa di Albanez e Miguel Soares (Brazil)
UX Design, programming and digital security.

Marília Souza (Brazil)



(Remember that this is a voluntary project and for now we are not able to provide professional advice).

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  • This research was made during 2018 and we cannot assure the immediate update of its contents.
  • The recommendations of this website are general, and they are not a replacement of professional advice.